7.11 AM

How do you feel? They asked

“Differently” she said

How did you feel when you saw it coming for the first time. The very first time when you witnessed that this is the BEGINNING OF THE END!

Very differently, Its like I could feel my stomach aches but because I maybe cried too much, I could still feel the wind blows when he passes by but because now even the storms are alerting us. I could still listen to songs back in my head when he smiles but because it reminds me how it was the last time when you truly and genuinely did that for me.

I could feel how different it is, so different that even though waking up next to you feels like we’re countries apart.

Well, how do you express when it’s the first time you felt that it has changed from FOREVER to NEVER!

Very different, she said.

Only she knows

Dear Shams,

Why don’t you sleep at night ?

I smirked and said I desperately wait for sun to go down and leave a dusky sky, it looks so pleasant and silent. But what if it’s silent and depressed. Only she knows!

I wait for it so desperately as if it’s the actual sunrise. Oh! And at this time my thoughts are very strong and expressive. Nobody is around you. You’ve no pressure to fight any race or competition. At nights, it’s just you and your thought “depressed or peaceful” only she knows.

Like for a artist his first love is all about just art and only art. For me, when I pour tons of drops of tears, it gives me peace! Because when I stop, it feels oh thank god, another day went crying and then standing up. Because she knows, there will be one fine day, when she will close her eyes and will be sleeping peacefully murmured under those dusky skies which sometimes makes her depressed or even gives her peace. Maybe she would be dying out of her thoughts, but. But, she won’t even let a tear rolls down her cheeks. Only she knows then, the time has come. Her time has come. She has got her old days back. Became that strong even haunted thoughts couldn’t haunt her anymore.

Trust me only she knows